Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pattie Boop Previews

Ok, I have been working on my own Digital Images and I just want to hear from my followers and future followers about my creation. Her name is Pattie Boop and I am planning on putting her up for adoption. By this I mean I would like to sell my images of her. She is my copyright and I would love to see her on some of your creations. What do you think of her?


Cheryl said...

Well how talented are you,I think she is fabulous!!! I love the first one,I think its the poodle on her dress that does am sure you will do very well!!
Hugs xx

craftycrafter said...

wow Pattie I love them all but the fairy just lights my fire I would buy them well done Dorothy xxx

Sandi said...

I LOVE THEM! The poodle skirt reminds me of us as kids. I love the fairy too, as well as the winter Boop. I'd have a hard time picking a favorite. Love ~ Sandi

Anonymous said...

They are so cute, i wouldn't know which one to buy! Well i hope you sell plenty.
How are you gonna seel them?
Hugs xx

Tawny's Doodles said...

I love this! It's so modern and cute!

Nancy said...

I love all of them, Pattie:O) Hope you will make more, and that they will come up for sale:O)
Have a great day.
Hugs, Nancy;O)

debb said...

Patti, you are sooo talented and these are sooo cute!